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Browse the blog topics below for tips on email marketing and marketing automation for small businesses serving a local or regional customer base.   Visit our Email Marketing Services page and reach out to learn more. Reach out to learn more.

Marketing Automation 101

Marketing Automation 101 There’s a lot of buzz around Marketing Automation.  Larger firms have been using automation for some time.  But if you’re new to the term, you may be wondering what this magic is all about and what’s it in for your business? In it’s simplest form, Marketing Automation uses a software platform to [...]

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Email Campaign Frequency

Email Marketing Campaign Frequency Email marketing delivers one of the best ROIs in the digital marketing toolbox.  How often should you push a campaign.  Once a month?  Once a week? The recommended approach is to use Marketing Automation to determine the best frequency.  (Get a primer on Marketing Automation here.)   Automation not only frees you [...]

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