Email Marketing Campaign Frequency

Email marketing delivers one of the best ROIs in the digital marketing toolbox.  How often should you push a campaign.  Once a month?  Once a week?

The recommended approach is to use Marketing Automation to determine the best frequency.  (Get a primer on Marketing Automation here.)   Automation not only frees you from this decision but delivers the right message to the right people at the right time.  Win-win-win!  

Not all email marketing platforms have Marketing Automation features.  The more robust ones do.  Silverpop, SalesForce Marketing Cloud (formerly Exact Target) are prime examples of great platforms to flex your Marketing Automation muscles with.

If you’re not using Marketing Automation to drive your email marketing efforts then you’ll need to go old school and schedule your email campaign blasts at certain days and times.

General guidelines are to deploy your campaigns at least once a month and not more than once a week.  At stake here is your unsubscribe rate.  Too infrequent and subscribers memory of who you are fades quickly. Too often and subscribers opt-out in their quest to keep their inboxes clean.

B2B marketers typically trend to monthly; while B2C environments tolerate and actually welcome more frequent messages from you.

Whichever you choose, be consistent, track results.