Marketing Automation 101

There’s a lot of buzz around Marketing Automation.  Larger firms have been using automation for some time.  But if you’re new to the term, you may be wondering what this magic is all about and what’s it in for your business?

In it’s simplest form, Marketing Automation uses a software platform to execute strategies and messages across your marketing channels.  Most often the conversation centers around email marketing and social marketing.

MA as it relates to Email Marketing uses a platform (think .. Silverpop, SF Marketing Cloud, Bronto, Mailchimp) to send an Email Campaign to 1 or more subscribers when a set of conditions is true.   It’s a sophisticated form of Email Marketing and delivers much better results than the old Load and Blast approach.

A solid Marketing Automation strategy takes some time to think thru and build.  But it truly is a thing of beauty when done.  Once that up-front thinking is done (that’s the hard part) and you’ve got the automation in place, it just runs ….  While you’re going about handling all the other things on your plate.

If the purpose of your website is to generate leads such as in a B2B service type business, Marketing Automation works well for lead nurturing and pulling prospects thru the sales funnel and closer to becoming your next newest client.

If you’re looking at ecommerce in B2B or B2C, then think about using MA to drive immediate conversions with Abandoned Cart campaigns, refill order reminders, and “we miss you” campaigns.